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Published On 2/9/2024
LWVSWIN would like to introduce you to the Evansville NewsLab project. Just use this link:
to take a survey to help profile our local community news habits and needs.

FROM NEWSLAB: "Why NewsLab? Evansville, like other communities, suffers from declining news resources. This means local government business is often conducted “in the dark.” One way to shine a light on governance is by local residents capturing information and making it accessible to various communities through distribution methods that meet their news-seeking behaviors.

What is NewsLab? A research project conducted by the University of Evansville ChangeLab and its students, in partnership with Our Times newspaper and Listening Post Collective, a nonprofit organization supporting community-driven journalism."
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Published On 1/23/2024
The League of Women Voters of Southwestern Indiana now has a committee on gun sense/gun safety. Its functions include advocating for gun safety, helping at community events to provide information and encourage gun safety and also a presentation which is available to the public. Any school group, community group, church group or any other interested group can contact Barb Delker, Committee Chair, at to schedule a presentation. Please watch our newsletter for meeting times and other activities of this committee. Contact Barb at the above address if you wish to join or help in any way.
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Published On 10/5/2023
EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - With just a month until Election Day, a forum was held Tuesday night at the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library.
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Published On 8/14/2021
The more we talk about the unbalanced system Indiana Republicans have created for Hoosier families, the more we can stop being tired and start taking action. We all deserve an Indiana future with free, fair, and competitive districts and elections so we can create more balance in our government and better laws and outcomes for all Hoosiers.
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Published On 7/24/2021
Gerrymandering allows legislators to look at partisan information and create safe districts for individuals representing their party and unfavorable to their opposition. Gerrymandering contributed to a result in the last two Indiana congressional elections where Republicans garnered 57% of the vote, but 78% of the seats, while Democrats received 42% of the vote and only 22% of the seats. These numbers fly in the face of the concept of one person/one vote.
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Published On 7/21/2021
First identified by that name in the early 19th century, gerrymandering occurs to varying degrees across the nation. In some states, it permits a slight advantage to the party in power; in others, it tilts the scales dramatically in favor of one party. Indiana falls into that latter group, perpetuating what a recent study commissioned by Women4Change Indiana reveals to be one of the most extreme examples of gerrymandering in the U.S. Conducted by nationally recognized democratic-governance expert Professor Christopher Warshaw, the study found that Indiana's electoral maps tilt more in favor of one party than 95% of all electoral maps enacted in the United States over the last 50 years.
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Published On 4/8/2021
Meetings are being conducted virtually by the Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission (ICRC), a project by All In 4 Democracy (a coalition of non-profits) to show how redistricting should work. Voters are invited to share their preferences for what nonpartisan redistricting criteria should guide Indiana’s map-drawing process, identify important communities of interest and how they should be grouped together, or kept separate, when the new congressional and legislative maps are drawn. The maps are drawn by the party in power in the General Assembly.
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Published On 2/4/2021
Now is the time to make your voice heard! The 9-member Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission has been selected from nearly 300 applicants. Its purpose is to demonstrate that redistricting done by a diverse and multi-partisan team of Hoosiers in a transparent process that encourages public participation will yield Congressional and state legislative districts that are fair for all voters.
The ICRC is holding virtual public hearings in all 9 Congressional districts. Hoosiers from all over the state may join these conversations to discuss the criteria for drawing new maps for congress and the Indiana legislature. More...
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