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Letter: Pay attention to redistricting

Cheryl Schultz | Published on 8/14/2021

Hoosiers are tired. They are tired of hearing the same canned lines by politicians who promise more opportunity but only deliver the bare minimum. They are tired of seeing their families fall short while others get ahead. Most of all, Hoosiers are tired of being lied to when it matters most.

The system is currently rigged against the success of the Hoosier family. This system is unbalanced and was created ten years ago when one political party drew a set of legislative maps that allowed elected officials to determine who they represent -- not the other way around, the way the U.S. Constitution intended.

The Indiana Republican Party created this system ten years ago during the 2011 redistricting period, and they’re going to do it again this year.

But, now is the time to take action and hold Republicans and their process accountable every step of the way. Hoosiers can and should attend the Republicans’ redistricting “listening” tour stops and confront them on their extreme partisanship that’s done nothing but hold Indiana back. Further, we must talk about this process with our community, our neighbors, and our family members -- even ones who are happy with the way things are. They must learn how the deck is stacked up against them and their families.

The more we talk about the unbalanced system Indiana Republicans have created for Hoosier families, the more we can stop being tired and start taking action. We all deserve an Indiana future with free, fair, and competitive districts and elections so we can create more balance in our government and better laws and outcomes for all Hoosiers.

- Cheryl Schultz